Data protection information

QUALITY CHANNEL GmbH, in conjunction with SPIEGEL-Verlag Rudolf Augstein GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to jointly as SPIEGEL MEDIA), markets high-quality editorial print and online offerings from premium advertising clients. SPIEGEL MEDIA processes your information in accordance with the guidelines of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) as amended. It is important to us that you should know when we save your information and how we use it. If you have any queries, suggestions or comments on the subject of data protection, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address:

1. What is personal information?

"Personal data are individual items of information about personal or material circumstances relating to a defined or definable natural person" (Section 3 (1) BDSG). These include your first name and surname as well as all other information that is or can be associated with your name – in other words with you personally.

2. Where is personal information gathered?

2.1. SPIEGEL MEDIA asks you for your surname, first name and other personal information if you register yourself for a personalised service. We also ask you for this information when you order a product or place a subscription. This information is saved by SPIEGEL MEDIA on a particularly well-protected server in Germany, with all the details of your identity being gathered by us only if you have given us those details for business purposes specified in this provision.

2.2.  Information about use-based advertising ("online behavioural advertising" (OBA)): SPIEGEL MEDIA does not gather or process any data on online-related behaviour relating to the marketed online offerings for the purpose of optimising projected interests (online behavioural advertising (OBA)). It is nevertheless possible for advertising partners of the respective advertising client to fade-in online behavioural advertising which is generated via the use of third-party offerings. This online behavioural advertising must be labelled with the global OBA icon [ICON] by the advertising partner in question. If you want to find out more about online behavioural advertising, please go to []. At you can deactivate or activate the gathering of online behavioural advertising from such advertising clients and inspect the activation status []. As a company, we have subjected ourselves voluntarily to the self-regulation of the "Deutscher Datenschutzrat Online-Werbung" (DDOW), the German data protection council for online advertising. You can find the self-regulation code that is valid for our company at [].

3. Do we forward personal information to third parties?

In the case of product orders, we use your personal information only within the SPIEGEL Group and do not forward it to third parties without having obtained your explicit agreement.

4. Gathering pseudonym data

SPIEGEL MEDIA sometimes gathers demographic data (age, gender, ...) about the use of various services by means of online market research. The data, however, are saved separately from personal information under a pseudonym and allow no conclusions to be drawn about the user's identity. In gathering these data, SPIEGEL MEDIA pursues two objectives. The strict separation of demographic information from personal information means that the protection of your information remains guaranteed. SPIEGEL MEDIA publishes anonymised, generalised user statistics (e.g. "70% use online offering xy"), among other things, in order to describe our services to potential partners, advertising clients and other business associates, as well as for other legally permissible purposes.

5. You have the right to revoke at any time

After you have entrusted us with your personal data, you have the right to delete or block your information at any time.

6. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are currently used by many websites in order to identify regular visitors. They are not programs which penetrate the users' systems and can cause damage there. Cookies at SPIEGEL MEDIA contain no information of any kind about you, only a key number which has no significance outside the services provided by SPIEGEL MEDIA. With the help of these cookies, SPIEGEL MEDIA can analyse how users use our websites. We can then adjust content on our websites to reflect accurately the requirements of our visitors. In addition to this, the cookies enable us to measure the effectiveness of a particular ad and control its placement in such a way that its placement is e.g. dependent on the user's thematic interests. If you do not want to use the advantages of these cookies, you can activate and deactivate them by executing a simple procedure in your browser.

7. No responsibility for partners' pages

Please note that SPIEGEL  MEDIA partners and other Internet sites and services which are accessible by way of SPIEGEL MEDIA sites, as well as partners who gather data in connection with prize competitions, promotions, product sales, subscriptions and similar activities, have their own data protection guidelines which are independent from those of SPIEGELMEDIA. SPIEGEL MEDIA shall assume no responsibility or liability for these guidelines and procedures which are not connected with SPIEGELMEDIA.

8. Our right to amend the guidelines after giving notice

SPIEGEL MEDIA reserves the right to amend these guidelines at any time while observing the provisions of data protection legislation. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to send us an email at

9. User instructions and data protection stipulations for newsletters

Within the framework of our CRM, SPIEGEL MEDIA endeavours to take the interests of its advertising clients into account, to offer exemplary customer service and to provide an optimum range of services. These are the only reasons why we register the recipient's choice on the newsletter which is sent by email. Apart from that there are no observations of any kind. The data gathered in this way are treated as strictly confidential by SPIEGEL MEDIA, are used purely from a marketing point of view and are under no circumstances made available to third parties.

9.1) Users are hereby informed, in line with the German Teleservices Act (TMG), the Interstate Broadcasting Agreement (RStV), the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and other provisions of data protection legislation, that the personal data entered during the registration process are saved in machine-readable form, processed and used solely for the purpose stated by the user, provided that consent was not given to some other type of use.

9.2) SPIEGEL MEDIA shall be entitled to gather, process, save and use the user's personal data when its services are utilised, insofar as this is required to enable the user to utilise the services. Consequently, if the user registers at to order a newsletter or to take part in a game/quiz/puzzle, the data entered there shall be gathered, saved and processed for the purpose of sending the newsletter or informing the user about a win. Furthermore, SPIEGEL MEDIA shall be entitled to have recourse to these data to maintain the operability of the aforementioned services. The treatment of the data as confidential shall be guaranteed.

9.3) SPIEGEL MEDIA undertakes, in accordance with the TMG, RStV, BDSG and the other stipulations of data protection legislation, to use the user-specific data of which it becomes aware as a result of the user relationship – subject to any consent to the contrary – solely to fulfil the purposes specified in this data protection provision, to uphold data secrecy and to commit its employees to do likewise, insofar as required by law.

9.4) In order to ascertain the extent to which the offering is of interest to the user and can be improved, general, non-personal and, in particular, statistical data about the use of and the newsletter are put on record. For this purpose, surveys are carried out and data and information from server protocol files are consolidated on an integrated basis and used for statistics and analyses. Insofar as the user has given his consent, SPIEGEL MEDIA shall not be obliged to delete these use data as early as possible, i.e. immediately after the respective use at the latest; instead, it shall have the right to save them.

9.5) Consent can be revoked for the future at any time by the user. For this purpose the use agreement on the extended use of the personal data can be terminated, whereupon the data are deleted in their entirety at SPIEGEL MEDIA. It shall also be possible to maintain the use agreement and revoke only the consent to the continuing exploitation of the data for the future. Insofar as the data are processed within the framework of central data processing by external service providers, SPIEGEL MEDIA shall take suitable precautions in this area, too, so that the data protection concerns of the users are taken fully into account.

9.6) All consent granted and all declarations of consent issued in accordance with this provision shall not extend to information by telephone, offers and/or advertising monitoring.