Banner delivery

In order to be able to implement your ads fast and smoothly, please note the following delivery deadlines:

  • 3 working days for image ads
  • 5 working days for RichMedia ads
  • 5 working days for Wallpapers
  • 10 working days for Subchannels, Specials and eCommerce partnerships

in advance of campaign start, to be received by 2.00 pm CET.

Please include the following information in your email:

  • customer name
  • campaign name
  • run-time for each creative
  • web site and booking unit  
  • ad file
  • contact person for further enquiries (email and telephone)

Please send this information to Please note the technical specifications required for the respective ads.

Surcharge for additional technical costs:

Please be aware that we charge additional technical costs for ads which exceed specified ad sizes. These costs are not subject to discounts or agency commission.

Please contact our Sales Team for further details.

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Björn Sommer - Technique

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