What's it about?
With KampagnenSPIEGEL, we are aiming to uphold the tradition represented by WirkungsSPIEGEL.
KampagnenSPIEGEL constitutes the basic functionality of communication campaigns in order to provide answers, as it were, to future terms of reference in media planning.
KampagnenSPIEGEL analyses the operational mode and intensity of advertising campaigns, shows the strengths and weaknesses of the individual media types, and describes the functions and reciprocal effects within the interplay of the campaign being assessed.
In KampagnenSPIEGEL, we provide you with:

  • the cross-media evidence of the campaign-specific advertising impact of your marketing communication,
  • short-notice notification of advertising success or failure in a manner befitting the campaign,
  • detailed information about your target groups' media utilisation behaviour in order to facilitate cross-media optimisation of your own media utilisation.

KampagnenSPIEGEL supplies you with information about:

  • the attention and/or recall impact of your campaign
  • your campaign's communication performance
  • motivational stimuli triggered by your campaign (e.g. readiness to procure/use)
  • assessment of the means of advertising used in your campaign.

For more information and details please contact: media@spiegel.de