Outfit 9.0

In Outfit 9.0, SPIEGEL-Verlag is presenting the results of the largest media market survey of the German fashion market for the eigtth time since 1986. The survey focuses on the needs, habits and attitudes of consumers to products in the clothing and wristwatch sectors. The significance accorded to the purchasing of fashion in the broadest sense can be seen most clearly in people's spending behaviour: around 20 per cent of respondents invest more than 2,000 euros per year in their own fashionable appearance, not including expenditure on shoes.

In the Outfit 9.0 survey, the data were gathered online. The survey was conducted in the period between June and july 2015. All in all, 5,182 individuals were questioned. This means that Outfit 9.0 is providing not only the most comprehensive, but also the most up-to-date findings for the sectors being surveyed. The results of the survey are representative of 44,31 million German-speaking individuals aged between 14 and 69 who are accessible online. 

In overall terms, the brand triad of recognition, ownership and readiness to buy was surveyed for 91 clothing brands and 62 wristwatch brands to supplement the survey's extensive repertoire of general information about the markets.

For more information and details please contact: media@spiegel.de