Overview general surveys:

AGOF internet facts: The "internet facts" show reach and structure data for market-constitutive  online advertising clients on the basis of offers and placement units. In addition, the survey provides general data from the AGOF universe and core data on Internet use and e-commerce. The data from internet facts can also be used in AGOF's online counting tool to prepare media plans for online media.

Allensbacher Markt- und Werbeträger-Analyse (AWA): The analytical market and advertising client surveyAWA delivers current data from markets and market segments of all kinds. It reports on purchasing and consumption habits, interest structures, modes of behaviour and media use. The special feature of the AWA is its qualitative characteristics, from which various special target groups such as the ultra consumers are derived. No other media market survey investigates as many print publications as the AWA, which also gathers data on a variety of TV channels as well as the media types radio, cinema, posters and the Internet.

Allensbacher Computer- und Technik-Analyse (ACTA): Die ACTA computer and technology analysis provides information about the proliferation of new technologies in private households, how their use has been developing, and their effects on information and consumption behaviour. As well as the use of newspapers, magazines and TV, the use of online and cross-media offerings is investigated in order to facilitate cross-media planning. The ACTA can be used to ascertain, among other things, user group overlapping in the areas of print and online media outlets.

KidsVerbraucherAnalyse (KidsVA): For 18 years now, this children's consumption analysis has been providing a host of data and information about the media and consumption behaviour of the – currently 6.13 million – children and teenagers in Germanyaged between 6 and 13. The representative survey is therefore regarded as the most important survey for young target groups in Germany.

Leser-Analyse Entscheidungsträger: The LAE, an analysis of decision-makers as readers, describes the professional competence and the media utilisation behaviour of decision-makers in business and public administration. As well as sociodemographic data, this survey provides information about the occupational position, economic sector and competencies of the respective decision-makers. It contains information about companies including, for example, their legal form, number of employees, sales figures, etc. The LAE is the basic survey for business-to-business communication.

Media-Analyse (ma):ma Pressemedien is an analysis of advertising clients which supplies comparable data on the size and structure of advertising clients' readerships. The reach data gathered in the ma are regarded as generally valid for advertising planning and for the competitive situation among the media. The "Media-Analyse Pressemedien" from ag.ma is the leading "currency" for representative readership data and is therefore the adjustment basis for numerous media market surveys.

ma intermedia:ma Intermedia makes it possible to compare individual advertising clients from different media types. The ma Intermedia data set is structured by means of amalgamations, i.e. the data from the ma data-gathering tranches for individual media and from the AGF TV panel are brought together in a joint file. The press media (including cinema), radio and television, together with their advertising client contacts and their advertising-media contact possibilities, can be counted in this file. Since the ma 2008 Intermedia, advertising-media contact possibilities for poster presentation types have also been depicted.

Typologie der Wünsche (TdW): This media market analysis, which deals with the typology of desires, provides information about 400 product areas and 1,800 brands. In addition to that, the analysis investigates not only purely sociodemographic characteristics, but also consumers' opinions and attitudes. It surveys target groups in accordance with psychosocial criteria and tries to describe and delimit psychographic market segments.

VerbraucherAnalyse (VA): VerbraucherAnalyse, or consumer analysis, offers a detailed insight into German attitudes, interests, consumption behaviour and media use. Each issue ofVerbraucherAnalyse is based on oral and written interviews of more than 30,000 individuals selected in a representative manner from the general population. VerbraucherAnalyse is used primarily for marketing and advertising planning, but also contains a host of data for research interests of all kinds. "VA Klassik" observes the German-speaking general population aged 14 and over.