Counting service

As a business partner of the SPIEGEL Group, you have access to a multiplicity of media market surveys via our media marketing team. We look forward to getting in touch with you directly and helping you with your target group analysis and your media planning process.
Our counting service is free of charge for SPIEGELQCclients (advertising clients, media and advertising agencies). Non-clients are charged for counting assignments in line with their expense and/or scope. Please get in touch with us.
You can reach our counting service by telephone on 040/3007-2540 or by email at

To help us deal with your counting assignment quickly and in line with your wishes, please give us the following information:

  • For which target group(s) do you need the analysis ?
  • Which survey(s) should be used?
  • Which descriptive characteristics/attributes should be indicated for the target group(s)?
  • If you want to draw up ranking lists: Which media would you like to compare?
  • If you are preparing media plans: What are your specifications with regard to volumes, frequencies and performance values?
  • We will need your contact details so that we can give you feedback and establish personal contact with you.