The new way of watching television… with SPIEGEL.TV

The concept is incredibly easy: simply enter the SPIEGEL.TV website and watch television.

The running programme presents videos in SPIEGEL TV quality. The viewers do not have to do anything but to lean back and enjoy the programme. Current issues are edited by the editorial team of SPIEGEL TV and existing material is being added, enriching its information quality in the new context.

And the viewers can influence this programme: If they “tune in” while a documentary is running, they can return to the beginning of the film with just one click. Should they not be interested in the running programme, with just one or two clicks the viewers can switch to another channel. They can either select a different topic or another SPIEGEL.TV channel. Watching television  - whenever, wherever and however the viewer wants to.


  • shows first-class documentaries in the form of web TV. Entertainment, background reports and information about current issues.
  • presents television in the way we are used to: all the users need to do is to lean back and watch the running programme, but they can also enjoy the benefits of web TV.
  • uses the opportunities the Internet has to offer. A revolutionary user interface allows to zap the channels.

Unique Users – sociodemographic data in detail

Young educational elite with high income

Source: AGOF if digital facts 2016-03, period: average month / index vs. German-speaking population aged 14+ years (pot. 69,24 m).

Factsheet: SPIEGEL.TV


PageImpressions: no measure 1
Visits: 2,000,000 1
Unique user per month in mio.: 0.21 2

1 own measure
2 AGOF daily digital facts, df BE, 10+ Jahre, Letzter Monat (August 2017)

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