UNI SPIEGEL – knowing what interests students

The magazine for students is issued six times a year – three times per semester.

The SPIEGEL editorial team focuses on reporting attitudes and reality in the lives of students.

The main theme of each magazine is the cover story, which is examined from several angles (e.g., studying abroad, business consultants looking for top students, career opportunities for young engineers, etc.).

The other sections are:

1. Campus- University topics and education policy

2. Work- Reports on trainee programmes, career opportunities, post-graduate job prospects and student jobs

3. Living- Reports from everyday student life

4. Culture - film, book and music tips

The broad spectrum of topics and the editorial quality of the magazine receive top marks from its readers.

The average total circulation consisting of roughly 70 universities in Germany(active and passive copy distribution of the magazine plus students with SPIEGEL subscriptions), is approximately 210,000 copies.

UNI SPIEGEL is read by 516,000 people (AWA 2014).

Readership UNI SPIEGEL

UNI SPIEGEL-reader are male, between 20-29 years old und well educated.

Source: AWA 2015


Publication frequency: 6 times a year
Readers per issue (million): 0.55 1
Distributed circulation: 197,035 2

1 AWA 2017
2 IVW 1/2018

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