The literary magazine with depth

LITERATUR SPIEGEL will consist primarily of reviews and essays from the world of books, but also of recommendations on the themes of cinema, music and art, plus bestseller lists. In addition to SPIEGEL’s literature authors, the Editor-in-Chief and/or his deputies are going to write for the new publication. 

- more than 40 book reviews per issue
- detailed, in-depth literary criticism
- written by prize-winning journalists

SPIEGEL Editor-in-Chief Klaus Brinkbäumer: " LITERATUR SPIEGEL is a part of our project to upgrade our cultural coverage significantly. We are going to enhance the political and arts features section in SPIEGEL by adding extensive literary criticism. That is because our readers want orientation, recommendations and opinions – also with regard to books."

LITERATUR SPIEGEL is for culturally interested and culturally active readers who want orientation, an opinion and recommendations.


Publication frequency: 9 mal jährlich
Supplementverkauf: 624,247 1

1 IVW 1/2018

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