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DER SPIEGEL is Germany's most important and Europe's highest-circulation news magazine.
DER SPIEGEL is characterised by its in-depth information, sound research and reliable quality. The editorial spectrum ranges from politics and business to science, medicine and technology and from culture, entertainment and media to society and sport. The main focus of the reporting is on events in politics and society.
The magazine's unique concept and journalistic reputation manifest themselves in the judgement of SPIEGEL readers. The time spent reading an average issue of DER SPIEGEL is more than 2.5 hours, according to a SPIEGEL response analysis.

Readership DER SPIEGEL

SPIEGEL-Reader are male, educated with high income.

Source: MA Pressemedien I/2017

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100 Jahre Bayern

Anlässlich der Proklamation des Freistaates Bayern vor 100 Jahren veröffentlicht DER SPIEGEL einen redaktionellen Sonderteil.Platzieren Sie in diesem einmaligen Umfeld Ihre Kampagne.

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Publication frequency: wöchentlich Samstag, digital Freitag
Copyprice in €: 5.1
Readers per issue (million): 6.07 1
Sold Circulation: 708,077 2

1 MA Pressemedien I/2018
2 IVW 1/2018, inkl. e-paper

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