Dein SPIEGEL - SPIEGEL kids know more

Unlike other established children's magazines, “Dein SPIEGEL” (Your SPIEGEL) addresses girls and boys from the age between 8 and 14 with the entire range of topics of a news magazine. The
magazine offers news for children, presented in an entertaining and educational way as well as up-to-date information from all over the world and exciting stories about people, Germany and other

Readership Dein SPIEGEL

Dein-SPIEGEL-reader are between 10-13 years old and they live in educated housholds with high income.

Source: KidsVA 2015


Publication frequency: per month
Copyprice in €: 4
Readers per issue (thousand): 236 1
Sold Circulation: 59,285 2

1 Kinder-Medien-Studie 2017
2 IVW 1/2018

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