The aggregate use of SPIEGEL ONLINE via both the stationary Internet and mobile terminals in june 2016 totalled 240 million visits and 1,2 billion page impressions.

According to AGOF digital facts 2016-03, DER SPIEGEL’s overall digital spectrum generates 17.94 million unique users per month.

The ultimate online news portal

SPIEGEL ONLINE ( is the leading German news website: fast, up-to-date, precise and profound. The editorial team of around 130 journalists delivers the latest news, opinions, analyses and interviews - depending on the news situation up to 120 stories and 20 videos per day.
Two editors are managing SPIEGEL ONLINE’s presence in the major social networks. They post and twitter selected articles and give an insight into how the editorial team works. SPIEGEL ONLINE INTERNATIONAL presents the best of Germany´s leading online news portal in English. With einestages, the online community for contemporary history, SPIEGEL ONLINE creates a collective memory on the Internet.
The entire content published on SPIEGEL ONLINE can also be accessed with mobile devices, either on the mobile website or with free apps.



PageImpressions: 1,038,388,338 1
Visits: 234,516,287 1
Unique user per month in mio.: 19.89 2

1 IVW: April 2018, Gesamt
2 AGOF daily digital facts, df Gesamt, 14+ Jahre, Letzter Monat (April 2018)

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