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KarriereSPIEGEL (, the career portal of the SPIEGEL group, provides facts, trends and background reports all about professions, sectors, companies and locations, complemented by matching job advertisements. The target group ranges from ambitious young professionals to established managers.

Theme weeks focusing on one specific topic are regular features, offering well-researched reports on professions, industries and the world, as usual presented with the high journalistic quality the SPIEGEL group is renowned for. Exclusive service details such as rankings of top employers, salary studies and career guides, lively reports and entertaining columns complete this website.

Unique Users – sociodemographic data in detail

The vast majority of user is highly educated and employed

Source: AGOF if digital facts 2016-03 (period: average month) / index vs. German-speaking population aged 14+ years (pot. 69,24 m). *Self-employed with and without employees

Factsheet: KarriereSPIEGEL


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Unique user per month in mio.: 1 2

1 eigene Messung
2 AGOF daily digital facts, if Website BE, 14+ Jahre, Letzter Monat (April 2018)

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