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Keep up with the news always and everywhere - with SPIEGEL ONLINE MOBIL. Simply visit, or even shorter using any kind of HTML-enabled mobile phone or PDA, and the entire SPIEGEL ONLINE website for mobile devices will be immediately available for you to use. 

This way, you can access the entire SPIEGEL ONLINE content free of charge on your mobile phone. In addition, the mobile website also includes innovative mobile technology such as videos, Facebook and Twitter posting, RSS feeds, an extensive stock exchange and weather portal and much more.


PageImpressions: 1,044,132,427 1
Visits: 237,765,611 1
Unique user per month in mio.: 20.64 2

1 IVW: Februar 2018, Gesamt
2 AGOF daily digital facts, df Gesamt, 10+ Jahre, Letzter Monat (Februar 2018)

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